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No skin thick enough: The daily harassment of women in the game industry »


This article is heartbreaking. And true.

There is a reason I throttled back on doing a lot of creative gaming content a few years ago. And why I still avoid taking some jobs in the gaming world when they’re offered to me. And why, when we have a female host on any of our Geek and Sundry gaming shows, we have to monitor the comments on YouTube extra, to remove the many comments that are offensive and pollute our community’s spirit of equality. Because I hate that shit. 

There is an endemic acceptance in the gamer world that “well, it comes with the territory” when a woman receives threats and harassment and the hateful anonymous internet dialogue is focused on her body and whether they would “do” her or not. I don’t know why this became okay. It’s a vocal minority that has been given way too much power over the industry dialogue, and I am so happy to see more and more articles like this shining the light on what reasonable gamer men and women have been conned into accepting as a given.

NOTHING is a given in this world. And frankly, it taints the art form we so love and keeps it back from becoming more respected and more diverse to not at least TRY to fight it. Gaming deserves more than complacency in this area.

Even posting this link will cause me to receive hateful Tumblr PMs. I can always tell when something I write gets linked on certain places on the internet (like 4 Chan or a few other forums of troll-hood), because I’ll immediately get dozens of hate mails along the veins of what is posted in this article. 

Well, I’m a lucky one to be prominent enough to have 10 supporters for every hater. I mostly feel sorry for girls and women who aren’t in my position, who may just give up on gaming when they’re too beaten down to fight anymore.

We have to change that. For the good of what we love doing, gamers! Okay, back to work :)


Star Crossed Lovers 

Caithe by X Faolain by X Photo by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography 


Star Crossed Lovers 

Caithe by X 
Faolain by X 
Photo by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography 

nonsensicles sent:
What do you call a corrupted Sylvari who dresses all in black? ..........................A Mordregoth.


So Mordremoth’s minions are called MORDREM which is unusual because they don’t get a descriptor (like Branded, Icebrood, Risen, Destroyers). I figure this is either because putting a more accurate name on them would be a spoiler or because someone thought MORDREM sounded metal as heck. Either way I have decided this is a good way to go for all dragon minions, so here’s the updated list:

  • JORM

Please distribute to the various Orders as necessary.

ps please ignore the fact that i still haven’t finished the personal story on my main character thank you

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From that screenshot, how exactly do you get up? (I've been running around in circles trying to figure out what exactly you did)

I’m really horrible at explaining things, but here goes. The canyon wall beside the waypoint has a few ledges that you can get to with a wind jump. It’s kinda hard to show since tumblr resizes my screenshots but here is where I made my first jump.

From there, it’s pretty straightforward, but you have to be quick.

tirnanogue sent:

OR, BETTER YET, I will show you my map so you can check it out yourself! I marked the nearest wind crystal for ya.



Flameseeker Chronicles: Introducing Guild Wars 2's Dragon's Reach »


I got to talk to ArenaNet’s Steven Waller about the upcoming release! I asked him lots of questions, although the answers to many of them were secrets. The ones that aren’t secrets are in this article, so you should definitely read it.

Please also admire some excellent screenshots full of vines and Rytlocks and other super things!

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oh nO I’M SORRY 

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