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Something to ponder if you get bored. The Six have a disagreement and it is decided that the dispute will be resolved with a DANCE OFF. What moves/style do you think each of them would use and who would win? Have a nice day :D



Lyssa is associated with beauty and is the patron of many artists, especially actors, so I THINK the sisters could improv almost anything and would be most likely win. Plus as a bonus Lyss and Ilya could use each other as dance partners. Balthazar would probably do something like an NFL touchdown dance,  Dwayna would be a graceful dancer but Grenth would probably leave soon after because MOM DANCING, Melandru is a tree and Kormir would just be ????? is this how we solve disagreements really this is what we go to what i have i gotten myself into??????

Though serious answer: Abaddon returns and serves everyone  

balthazar would probably do something like an nfl touchdown dance



Trikkzi the Asura


ok but no


ok but no


Symbol of the Inquest


Symbol of the Inquest


So while I didn’t see this in the patch notes, there are THREE NEW HEARTS in the game! Thankfully they are in starting zones so they are easy to find and easy to do.

The first is in Caldeon forest in Astorea where you help the farmers keep the fields clear and feed moas.

The second and third are in the Plains of Ashford just outside Smokestead. One is helping out with the cattle, the other is clearing out skritt at the canon range.

All three hearts are very easy to do and are very conveniently located in the starting areas right outside the main cities. So if anyone is wondering why their world completion percentage has changed, that is why.

re: game player survey

The questions pretty much assume that you’re white/male/cis/straight/able bodied/middle class. For example,

Sometimes I prefer to play a protagonist that has a different [gender/race/sexual orientation/socio-economic status/physical limitation] than myself.”

I am pretty sure every single fucking game I have ever played has a protag that doesn’t represent me AT ALL by default.

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The <title> of this page is “Do Consumers Want More Women In Video Games?” The results of this survey will be presented at GDC15, so let’s tell ‘em a resounding “FUCK YEAH!”

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Are you sure about that, Strongpaw


So guys…..I have a new Charr :I

Meet Cayn Witherfang.

Profession: handsome devil.

The only thing that bugs me out is that his front teeth became white like his fur color » I hope they fix that.

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